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PRAN Chinigura Rice 2 kg

Product Code: 65THY66FDH

BDT 235.0


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PRAN Aromatic Chinigura Premium Rice
Net Weight: 2Kg
Pran Chinigura Aromatic Rice (Polau). Fresh and Clean,
Vacuum Packed. Pran Chinigura Rice can be use in Biriyani, Polau, Firni, Kheer, Khichuri.
This rice is collected and stored in a healthy environment. The rice is fresh and we ensure the complete quality while collecting the rice. Visit our site and order to get at home.

The health advantages of rice embody its ability to produce quick and instant energy. Regulate and improve internal organ movements, stabilize blood glucose levels, and impede. The aging method, whereas conjointly providing a necessary supply of thiamin to the physique.

Ø  Great supply of energy

Ø  High organic process price

Ø  Controls disease's prevalence

Ø  Cancer protection

Ø  Controls pressure

Ø  Prevents constipation

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